Signature Royal Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage mixing with modern massage and sunshine spa style to increase muscle relaxation by herbal compressing ball with 14 herbs

120 minutes 1,200 THB

Signature Hot oil massage

120 minutes 2,500 THB

Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage mixing with modern massage to increase muscle relaxation

60 minutes 450 THB
90 minutes 650 THB
120 minutes 900 THB
180 minutes 1,200 THB

Aroma massage

Massage for relaxation with aroma oil help relieving stress from work and daily life and spiritual relaxation by the fragrance of the oil and it helps increase moisture to the skin

60 minutes 600 THB
90 minutes 1,000 THB
120 minutes 1,500 THB

Warm oil massage

It's massage that uses oil which has been warmed. When massaging, it would gave warm feelings and it would upgrade relaxation.

60 minutes 750 THB
90 minutes 1,200 THB
120 minutes 1,800 THB

Foot massage

60 minutes 500 THB
90 minutes 750 THB

Neck & Shoulder massage

60 minutes 600 THB
90 minutes 800 THB

Deep tissue massage

A medium to deep full-body massage specifically targeting the needs of the active men or women. Our deep tissue massage combines Swedish-style massage with the benefits of trigger points and gentle stretches.

60 minutes 650 THB
90 minutes 950 THB

Skin scrub

Skin scrubbing that focused on removing deteriorating skin and stimulate blood circulation which makes the skin feel relaxed and radiant.

45 minutes 590 THB
60 minutes 790 THB

Korea scrub

Korean scrub would help scrub dead cells including scurf and dirty things in skin pores. It helps the skin clean and radiant. 

90 minutes 1,200 THB

Hot stone massage

90 minutes 1,800 THB

4 hands balancing massage

90 minutes 2,500 THB

Scrub+Aroma massage

90 minutes 1,100 THB
120 minutes 1,300 THB

Facial massage

60 minutes 1,200 THB
90 minutes 1,500 THB